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Composers for Change supports and shares the work of artists who bring about and inspire change.
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Mother China – We are Home, The Chinese American Anthem
Copyright 2021
Composer: Larry Edoff
Lyrics: Autumn Mathisen-Edoff

Come WIth Me

Come With Me
Copyright 2022
Composer: Larry Edoff
Lyrics: Autumn Mathisen-Edoff

Composers for Change

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We welcome you to Composers for Change, a website created to share the work of artists who offer a voice of inspiration and change in the world.  Change does not come about overnight, it brews, sometimes it festers for quite some time before a collective voice emerges.  Often, it is the artist’s voice that fuels the fire to spark a movement.  Artists illuminate a different perspective, ignite political challenges and progress, artists give voice to the music and words of the heart, they shine light on the beauty, the terror, the injustice, the hope.  Often, it is the artists that illuminate the way forward.   Welcome!  Explore, watch, listen, and share your support.

A Call Out to Artists

Please contact us to join the Composers for Change online movement.  As our site expands, space will be offered to artists to share their work.   We will select images, music, art to post on our webpages so your work has a supportive online home. 

In the Future

Composers for Change will be hub and collaborative space for creating art, music, creative content for specific movements.  A place for the world to meet the artistic voices that bring a movement to life. 

If you have Art for Change that you would like us to consider, please contact us.